Evaluating the current-generation platform ecosystem and suggestions for a next-generation ecosystem

Expected Deliverable/Results/ Outcomes Work Package and Outcome ref.nr 3.3
Type ☐ Teaching material☐ Learning material☐ Training material x Eventx  Report☐ Service/Product 
Description We want to evaluate externally the user experience of the platforms that will be developed in this project. A workshop led by an independent NGO specialized in IT services for international development (Aptivate), will take place. Aptivate will make a report about the workshop and give advice about how to develop a next-generation platform, based on the user feedback collected throughout this project. The next-generation platform will put slightly more emphasis on the needs for healthcare professionals in active service (additional target audience in a later stage, and post-project continuation plans). This report will be shared externally. 
Due date 14-11-2022 
 Languages English, Bahasa Indonesia, Khmer 
Target groups x Teaching staffx Students☐ Trainees☐ Administrative staff x Technical staffx Librariansx Other 
Initial feedback from healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses) will already be reported in this phase. 
Dissemination level x Department / Faculty             ☐ Local            x Nationalx Institution                               ☐ Regional      x International 






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