Develop new content for the digital health information platforms

After discussion with all partners, the following themes have been retained:

  1. paediatrics in infectious diseases (facilitated by VHIR and ISGlobal, hosted at UGM)
  2. antimicrobial resistance (facilitated by NIPH and ITM, hosted at NIPH)
  3. infectious diseases causing outbreaks (facilitated by UHS and ITM, hosted at UHS)
  4. travel medicine (facilitated and hosted by UGM)
  5. fever-related illnesses (facilitated by UNS and ITM; hosted at UNS)
  6. parasitology and parasitological diseases (facilitated and hosted by UNS)
  7. skin diseases (facilitated by UHS and ITM, hosted at UHS). 

The content will be developed based on practice and experience of the participants in the workshops. Techno-pedagogical support staff will develop (together with content experts) interactive clinical cases (with specific eLearning software such as Articulate), online interactive quizzes and video- and image-based learning modules. 

Different language versions of some content will be developed, depending on the target audiences. With regards to teaching staff and students, the content will be developed in English. For some outreach activities, parts of the content will be translated to Khmer and Bahasa Indonesia by experts and translators within the partner HEIs, but the focus in this project will be on the English version and the primary, secondary and tertiary target audiences.






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