1.2 SEA digital health conference and project kick-off meeting


Expected Deliverable/Results/ Outcomes Work Package and Outcome ref.nr 1.2. 
Type ☐ Teaching material☐ Learning material☐ Training material x Event☐ Report
☐ Service/Product 
Description The goal of this event is to invite experts working in digital health in the region to the project kick-off and disseminate the report (deliverable 1.1). This will allow for exchange and further identification of potential future synergies. The event will be facilitated by ITM and take place at UGM. 
Due date  30-03-2020 
 Languages English 
Target groups The target group of this workshop will additionally be (1) experts active in digital health in the region, (2) representatives from the ministries of Education and Health and (3) the decision makers and the management of the project, as well as the management of the participating HEI institutions. 
Dissemination level x Department / Faculty              X Local          x Nationalx Institution                               x Regional      x International 






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